Basement Waterproofing in St. Louis

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Basements in St. Louis have a tough job.  they keep moisture out of an underground area that is surrounded by wet earth, and St. Louis gets both rain and snow in huge amounts, as well as major rivers running through the city.  Keeping your basement waterproof is vital because a small leak can become a major problem very quickly.  Water is one of the most destructive forces on Earth.  

After all, water carved the Grand Canyon.  Do you think your home is immune to it?

Any leak in your home can lead to water damage, mold, and destruction.  Moisture makes your wood weaker and destroys the interior of your home.  Knowing the cause of your leak is only the first step of repairing it.  Your basement can leak from a variety of sources and doesn't have to just come from one spot.

Once we determine where your leak is coming from, we use an epoxy to fill in the cracks and create a watertight seal in your basement to make sure that your basement stays dry.  

Epoxy Injections are the process of repairing cracks in basement foundation walls. This entails properly cleaning wall cracks with wire brushes, then removing any loose debris from inside the wall crack with compressed air to ensure proper cohesion of epoxy. Next, we place multiple wall ports over the wall cracks with injection ports, and then spread hardening resin over wall cracks, and inject the ports with low viscosity epoxy until the wall cracks are filled to restore the foundation's wall strength. We will also tear out any needed drywall and repair the drywall professionally for an additional charge. Epoxy Injections do come with a 7-year transferrable warranty!

Call the Basement Waterproofing experts at Nick Gress Foundations at 636-219-1967 or 314-409-1497 to learn more or get a free estimate.  

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Wednesday, 12 August 2020