Is Your Basement Leaking and Full of Water? Here's Why

Is Your Basement Leaking and Flooded Heres Why

We’re in the rainy season now in St. Louis, where Cardinals games can be iffy and the possibility of a rainout looms large.  It is also the time of year when we get a lot of calls about basements leaking because that water has nowhere to go and finds a way into your home.  There are a lot of causes of basement leaks, but here’s a good snapshot of why your St. Louis basement is leaking.

Causes of Basement Leaks

The most common cause for your basement to leak is when the ground soil around your foundation gets too saturated and penetrates the foundation due to immense pressure.

There are two types of pressure that can cause this – hydrostatic pressure and lateral pressure.  Hydrostatic pressure is when water is absorbed by soil above the water table and closer to the surface, and after that soil is saturated, storm water that hasn’t been absorbed forces the water table up.  This creates hydrostatic pressure below the foundation and causes water to e forced into the foundation, causing leaks.

Lateral pressure is when the looser soil around your foundation, which was loosened during the excavation process on your foundation, becomes saturated and forces pressure on the sides of your foundation, hence lateral pressure.  This happens a lot when your gutters and downspouts are clogged and flood the area around your foundation with water.

Floor cracks develop when the hydrostatic pressure from below forces the concrete apart and strains the seams in the layers of concrete by pressing up on the concrete in the floor.  When the water table rises, these cracks cause your basement floor to flood.

Wall cracks come from the lateral pressure, coming from the sides to bow in the walls of your basement and crush it, cracking the walls and letting water force its way in.

Wall cracks can be healed easily and cheaply with Epoxy Injections.

Epoxy Injections are the process of repairing cracks in basement foundation walls.  This entails properly cleaning wall cracks with wire brushes, then removing any loose debris from inside the wall crack with compressed air to ensure proper cohesion of epoxy.  Next, we place multiple wall ports over the wall cracks with injection ports, and then spread hardening resin over wall cracks, and inject the ports with low viscosity epoxy until the wall cracks are filled to restore the foundation's wall strength.  We will also tear out any needed drywall and repair the drywall professionally for an additional charge.  Epoxy Injections do come with a 7-year transferrable warranty!

 Nick Gress Foundations is the leader in Epoxy Injections for your leaky basement walls in Lake St. Louis, O’Fallon, Wentzville, St. Peters, St. Charles, Creve Coeur, Maryland Heights, Des Peres, Manchester, Chesterfield, Wildwood, South County, Valley Park, Sunset Hills, and Kirkwood.

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