Void Filling Under Concrete Slabs St. Louis

Void Filling Under Concrete Slabs St. Louis

If you have a void under your concrete, it will lead to settling and/or cracking concrete. You get a void when base soils under the concrete or shifting rebar deteriorate to the point where a hole is created underneath the concrete. When the soil settles, crumbles or is moved by ice, water or animals a gap that opens up between the soil and the bottom of the slab of concrete ends up in a loss of solid support for the slab.
Once the void appears, it can be very difficult to fill yourself. While you can fill a smaller area with sand or dirt to level it, like a sidewalk, large slabs like patios and driveways require bigger solutions. They have to support but not lift the slab too far. That's why Mudjacking is the perfect solution for this problem.
Mudjacking is a process of drilling 1 3/4" holes in various sections of concrete slabs to either Void Fill for stabilization or to raise to the highest point allowable. Crushed Limestone and cement are mixed together to form a grout mixture that once injected allows for proper raising and/or stabilizing under the affected concrete slabs.
Once the job is complete we clean the area and refill the drilled holes with new concrete. Most jobs take a couple of hours and require water and electricity to be present when the job is being worked. 24 hours is recommended before driving on the raised slabs.
It always helps the longevity of the work to either have downspouts directed away from sunken areas and/or have all expansion joints caulked (an additional bid can be given for this type of work). Water testing is done to ensure that water runs properly away from the foundation when applicable.
Making sure that your concrete slabs are void-free can add to the value and durability of your home and make sure that the investment you have made in your home doesn't go to waste.
Don't let cracking or buckling concrete go un-repaired. Nick Gress Foundations is the leader in Void Filling Under Concrete Slabs in Lake St. Louis, O’Fallon, Wentzville, St. Peters, St. Charles, Creve Coeur, Maryland Heights, Des Peres, Manchester, Chesterfield, Wildwood, South County, Valley Park, Sunset Hills, and Kirkwood.

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